Black Forest Chestnut

Black Forest Chestnut

conformation elegant head, muscular but refined neck,
good shoulders, strong body, hard feet
colour sorrel to dark chestnut with blond/flaxen mane
and tail
height 14.3-15.2 hands
uses agriculture, forestry, harness, riding, showing

In his German homeland, this horse is known as the Schwarzwalder Fuchs – the Black Forest Chestnut, ’pearl of the Black Forest’. He is an active, lively little horse, descended from the original coldblooded equines of the region, and the breed dates back some GOO years. The breed has been influenced by Noriker and Haflinger, whose colouring he has inherited, and made an excellent light draught horse to work the hilly region ofthe Black Forest in Baden Wurttemberg, southwest Germany. This horse is nimble and strong but has a gentle nature, and is versatile and willing.

Black Forest Chestnut

Black Forest Chestnutq

His colouring varies from sorrel  through all shades of chestnut including a striking dark hue, spectacularly set off by a blond mane and tail. His good looks and happy disposition made him popular as an all – round family mount, as well as a farm horse. The studbook was established by the end of the 19th century but efforts to encourage breeders to use Belgian Heavy Draughts to add height failed. Today there are about 46 state – approved stallions and approximately 700 registered mares in Germany. These numbers continue to grow as the popularity of the breed is once again on the rise.

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