Cremello horse


conformation varies
colour white to rich cream or pale gold, blue or amber eyes
height varies
uses riding, harness, pleasure riding, showing

American White or Cremello horses have been popular for some years – traditionally, white horses were considered the most beautiful and highly desirable, ridden by royalty and thought to have magical powers. But their light colouring was also thought to be a sign of weakness, which is just as mythical. lt is often said a good horse is never a bad colour These pale horses were championed in America by Caleb and Hudson Thompson, and Caleb’s wife, Ruth, founded the Albino Registry in Nebraska in 1937.

Cremello horse

Cremello horse

Their foundation stallion was an Arab – Morgan cross called Old King and the Thompsons used him on Morgan mares to create a breed of white or cream horses. The Albino Registry was later opened to any horse – not just Old King stock – that was white or cream. The American Creme Horse Registry was opened in 1980, and although all breeds may be registered, the colour has to conform to registry standards.

The Cremello must have  pink skin, with no mottling or spots. His eyes can be any colour, but most commonly will be pale blue or a very pale amber. His coat may vary from off – white to a fairly rich cream, but must be lighter than palomino. White markings such as blazes, stars and socks are permitted. Contrary to popular belief, Cremellos are no more prone  to deafness or blindness than any other breed.

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